Welcome to BushMatters – from the Murraylands of South Australia

A place to discuss restoration and conservation of the natural habitat of the Murraylands of South Australia.

The Murraylands is a semi-arid region of South Australia, between the Mount Lofty Ranges and the Murray River. The natural vegetation of the area was once dominated by Mallee scrub and native grasslands. Remnants of these vegetation communities remain and we hope that with the correct approach, these areas can be restored to provide ideal habitat for the many animals and plants native to this area, and in particular, the iconic Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat, endemic to southern-central Australia and the faunal emblem of South Australia!​​

Murrayland Wombats – part of the fragmented distribution of hairy-nosed wombats across semi-arid South Australia.

View of the Murraylands from Accomodation Hill. Note the abundant Spear Grass growing in the foreground. Unfortunately many of the sanctuary properties out on the Murrayland plains now have virtually no native grasses.