Of Places, People and Nature
A selection of stories by John Endersby.

When John Endersby retired from Correctional Services he made a conscious decision to focus energy into writing – for both personal therapeutic value as well as sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. John initially authored “Monsters in the Dark”, detailing his experiences in Correctional Services. He also wrote many short stories that were published in the member’s newsletter of the Natural History Society of South Australia. Additional stories were compiled into a publication titled “Of Places, People and Nature”. This book is now available below!

Here is the prologue to John’s book – a graphic story from his time at Correction Services, in which John explains his motivation to write about his thoughts and experiences. Please note that this contains strong language – something not out of the ordinary in a Correctional Institution.

Prologue to “Of Places, People and Nature”

Below are a selection of chapters or download the entire book.